Lindsey and Brad chose the beautiful Apple Blossom Plantation for the sight of their picture perfect July wedding. The lush greenery of the plantation set the scene for the gorgeous royal blue bridesmaid dresses and the yellow floral accents from their wedding to just pop. Lindsey’s dress was amazing and absolutely made for her. Brad was so handsome in his suit. Many of the details you see below were a direct contribution of Brad’s skilled hands. He hand made the guest book, the corn hole boards, and adorned Lindsey’s gorgeous shoes with all that bling that made them fit for *his* princess.

Their first dance was one of the most elaborate and well executed choreographed dances I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. I don’t think I have ever given a bride and groom SO MANY photos from their first dance!! Top the night off with a great party and wrap it up with a private fireworks show. Check out the photos below… AWESOME!!

Special thanks to Melissa Timberlake for sweating out this hot July wedding with me as my second photographer. Don’t forget to check out the vendor list at the end of this post!!



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Humphreys-2047 Humphreys-2057 Humphreys-2065 Humphreys-2083 Humphreys-2087 Humphreys-2096 Humphreys-2044



Vendor List:

Venue: Apple Blossom Plantation

Makeup: BrideFace Richmond, Aaron Ellerbrock

Bride’s Hair: Meredith Fotovat

Bridesmaid Hair: Emily Hudspeth, Hair Design & Makeup

Dress: Bridal Elegance

Officiate: Chancellor Hamilton

Florist: Margaret Hamilton

Caterer: Apple Blossom Plantation

Cake: The Buttercream Bee

DJ: Dynamite DJ