Richmond Wedding Show Altria

7 Things you need to know before the Richmond Weddings Show

So you’re planning to hit the Richmond Wedding Show coming up on Sunday at the Altria Theater…??!! Great!! Us too!!

Come see us and say HI!! (It’s so much more fun when people stop by and chat with us!!) You can see in the photo above what our booth looked like last time… Our set up will be similar this year. Look for the teal wood wall and the two tall chicks… that’s how you know you’re in the right place!!

We’re putting together a few helpful tips you can use to plan out a successful day at the Wedding show. We hope you find these helpful, and if you actually read this post prior to hitting the wedding show, stop by the booth and mention reading this blog post to get a special gift from us!!

Now, a few tips:

1 – BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW – The tickets are cheaper if you purchase them ahead of time… check HERE FOR TICKET DETAILS AND PRICING

2 – RESEARCH FIRST – I know that sounds like homework, but check out the List of Vendors ahead of time… The complete list of vendors is online and it is easy to check out their websites just by clicking the linked names. If you do a little online research ahead of time, you can start to figure out the folks there you are really looking to connect with and you can make the most of your time.

3- BRING YOUR CALENDAR – We vendors LOVE to set appointments to meet again while we are at the show. We are prepared to book consultation appointments on the spot and are excited to be taking the next step with you!! Come prepared with your calendar so you can set that meeting with us!!

4- BRING LABELS – If you feel like you’re not ready to make decisions yet about specific vendors, leaving your information with us is the best way to put the ball in our court. It’s easier to have the information come to you… Instead of hovering over a table a dozen times scribbling out your pertinent info, print out some Avery labels ahead of time… they will be neat, and you will be so proud of yourself for being prepared!! Here is the info to include:

Wedding Date & Venue (if already determined)
Email Address
Phone Number

5- BRING YOUR PERSON – If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you know what I mean… if not, I’ll explain. In this case, “your person” is that someone in your life who you count on to help you make decisions (specifically wedding decisions). Your fiancé might not be wild about the idea of hitting up the wedding show, but you already knew that before you even brought it up, right. Bring the BFF that will give you honest feedback when you are on the fence about making decisions, and who might help you remember the cool stuff you saw at the show. Besides, it’s always good to have a reason to have an afternoon together anyway!!

6- WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES – OK… comfortable shoes are not the most fashionable ones in our closets, but this wedding show is NO JOKE!! There are a ton of  knowledgeable and amazing wedding professionals available to meet and chat with, and you might be standing for quite a while… coming prepared means you are able to enjoy all the fun and festivities!!

7- DON’T BE AFRAID TO TALK TO US – You may have just gotten your ring yesterday. It might seem too early in your planning process to talk details with wedding professionals… TRUST ME, IT’S NOT!! Every wedding professional at the show is a wealth of information and experience. If you open your mind and start bouncing ideas off us, you might leave with a lot more accomplished that you ever dreamed was possible. You may find the kind of people you want to work with long before you are ready to book. It couldn’t hurt, right??!!

I hope these tips help you out to prepare for this year’s wedding show… We can’t wait to see you there!!